What’s Shaking:

Boo-oo-ooze! 3 Gothic Cocktails to drink at Halloween

Halloween is more and more a part of New Zealand life, but what to drink when you are slightly disdainful of everything commercial and yet still consider October your High Holy season?  Laura Macfehin gives you some spooky yet sophisticated drinks options!


What’s Shaking? Classic drinks you have to try!

Laura suggests three classic drinks that serve as winter warmers!


A Rum Do

Laura Macfehin whips up three rum cocktails to banish the mid-winter blues!


Genever Juniper

Laura Macfehin tries three different New Zealand gins in three classic cocktails— the Gimlet, the Gibson and the dangerously coy Orange Blossom! 


A sidecar named Desire

Laura Macfehin deals with the humid heat by mixing up her favourite 1920s tipple.


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