About us

Natasha Francois and Laura Macfehin are two eccentric ladies from the South Pacific with a shared love of the old and esoteric, the kitschy and the camp, the retro and the renegade.

As a child Laura spent too many hours watching black and white matinees and Sunday Night horrors on television – she counts the Wolfman as a good friend and spends her days as a part-time writer and full-time amateur mixologist .

Natasha was weaned on the Sunday horrors and grew up watching virgin sacrifices on VHS. Formerly the founding editor of Glory Days magazine, she now works as a part-time web writer and full-time daydreamer.

Both Natasha and Laura are avid bibliophiles who hoard more than their bank accounts allow and have a lot to say about everything under the sun including art, music, classic film,vintage collecting, personal style, books and more!





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