Witchy Flicks

If you are anything like me you are always keen for witchcraft on screen. Whether it is the story of a persecuted witch coming back through the centuries to wreak revenge, or a contemporary witch taking control of her powers, there is something very satisfying about a witch flick. So if you feel like you’veContinue reading “Witchy Flicks”

Win friends and irritate people

Laura Macfehin presents three simple strategies to make your flatting lockdown experience unforgettable. O.K.  We’ve been in lockdown for several weeks now, and if you are in a flatting situation you may have noticed your housemates starting  to chafe a little at the circumstances.  They might be a little terser than usual with you, youContinue reading “Win friends and irritate people”

Pussy riot: An interview with Caroline Moore from Fang & Fur

Fang & Fur founder Caroline Moore tells Natasha there’s no shame in being a crazy cat lady, why our feline friends deserve more than tacky plastic toys and how she’s always happy to be on the receiving end of a pussy pic! Auckland purrveyer Caroline Moore has scoured the globe to curate her stylish rangeContinue reading “Pussy riot: An interview with Caroline Moore from Fang & Fur”

Playing Favourites (The Best Podcasts of 2019)

Laura Macfehin lists some her most recent favourite podcasts. I’ll say it now– if I’m awake I’m usually listening to a podcast.  Perhaps because I work from home, perhaps because life doesn’t allow me to read all day but podcasts fill the need in my life for both company and a constant influx obscure information. Continue reading “Playing Favourites (The Best Podcasts of 2019)”

The Art of the Answer Song

Oh answer song, why do I love you so?  The sixties were undoubtedly a great time for pop music… one of the great celebrations of teenage angst where pop stars were able to create these great mythic landscapes where star-crossed lovers lived out extended dramas involving heartbreak, parental disapproval and gory and/or fiery deaths.  TheContinue reading “The Art of the Answer Song”

Books you’ll love if you love Lovecraft

Before one of the most unexpected posthumous career upturns saw the unknowable Cthulhu suddenly culturally ubiquitous, H. P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) was simply a very odd bod whose work was almost impossible to find in print and who was mainly of interest to other writers of weird fiction. The prolific writer of weird fiction from RhodeContinue reading “Books you’ll love if you love Lovecraft”

Everything but the kitsch-en sink with Danielle Korzeniewski 

Welcome to the sixth installment of Everything But the Kitsch-en Sink. This week American collector Danielle Korzeniewski shows Natasha Francois around her marvellous mid-century abode. While trawling Instagram one day, I stumbled across the feed of Danielle Korzeniewski and immediately fell head-over-heels for her home which is packed to the rafters with mid-century collectables. The kitsch-obsessed mother-of-fiveContinue reading “Everything but the kitsch-en sink with Danielle Korzeniewski “

Pulp Pictures: the erotic art of Margaret Brundage

Laura Macfehin takes a look at the startling art of Pulp illustrator Margaret Brundage. Margaret Brundage’s art caused shock and consternation in her lifetime, as well as selling countless magazines of fantasy literature and inspiring artists like Frank Frazetti.  She also campaigned for free love, free speech and civil rights in a lifetime that encompassedContinue reading “Pulp Pictures: the erotic art of Margaret Brundage”