Witchy Flicks

If you are anything like me you are always keen for witchcraft on screen. Whether it is the story of a persecuted witch coming back through the centuries to wreak revenge, or a contemporary witch taking control of her powers, there is something very satisfying about a witch flick. So if you feel like you’veContinue reading “Witchy Flicks”

Win friends and irritate people

Laura Macfehin presents three simple strategies to make your flatting lockdown experience unforgettable. O.K.  We’ve been in lockdown for several weeks now, and if you are in a flatting situation you may have noticed your housemates starting  to chafe a little at the circumstances.  They might be a little terser than usual with you, youContinue reading “Win friends and irritate people”

Pussy riot: An interview with Caroline Moore from Fang & Fur

Fang & Fur founder Caroline Moore tells Natasha there’s no shame in being a crazy cat lady, why our feline friends deserve more than tacky plastic toys and how she’s always happy to be on the receiving end of a pussy pic! Auckland purrveyer Caroline Moore has scoured the globe to curate her stylish rangeContinue reading “Pussy riot: An interview with Caroline Moore from Fang & Fur”

I love you to death!

Laura Macfehin looks at the horror flicks that best fit your every Valentine’s Day mood. OK, so I’m a little biased in that I truly believe every holiday is made better with a horror film, but I think that a very strong case can be made for horror being the perfect Valentine’s Day match.  SureContinue reading “I love you to death!”

Playing Favourites (The Best Podcasts of 2019)

Laura Macfehin lists some her most recent favourite podcasts. I’ll say it now– if I’m awake I’m usually listening to a podcast.  Perhaps because I work from home, perhaps because life doesn’t allow me to read all day but podcasts fill the need in my life for both company and a constant influx obscure information. Continue reading “Playing Favourites (The Best Podcasts of 2019)”

Do you remember rock ‘n’ roll radio? An interview with Retrogasmic podcast host D.D Deluxe

Time to grab a cocktail, turn on the wireless and join D.D Deluxe and fellow Retrogasmic podcast host, Hettie La Bombe for a groovy trip back in time. Think of it as your very own space-time portal to all things retro, vintage and kitsch. The Retrogasmic podcast, brought to you by New Zealand retronauts D.D.Continue reading “Do you remember rock ‘n’ roll radio? An interview with Retrogasmic podcast host D.D Deluxe”

Death is not the end: an interview with Art of Death exhibition curator Rose Jackson

Art of Death curator Rose Jackson chats to Natasha about the inspiration behind the Metropolitan Clubs’ latest exhibition, why taxidermy is enjoying a female-led resurgence, and the life-affirming possibilities, often found in death. ​It’s the 21st century and taxidermy is back in vogue. Gone are the days where gentleman hunters were mounting the spoils of their morbidContinue reading “Death is not the end: an interview with Art of Death exhibition curator Rose Jackson”

In the closet with Lady Lou Lou Bell

Buxom beauty Lady Lou Lou Bell tells Natasha Francois how discovering pinup has helped her live her best retro life. A leopard never changes its spots. Just ask Emma Holden, aka Lady Lou Lou Bell. The Christchurch pinup is addicted to leopard print and her wardrobe boasts at least 20 items which walk on the wildContinue reading “In the closet with Lady Lou Lou Bell”

The Handmade’s Tale: Michelle Louise Finnerty

UK-based jewellery designer Michelle Finnerty tells Natasha about her kooky and colourful creations. Whether it’s deco dames, pink flamingos, mid-century cats or kitschy cocktails, Michelle Finnerty draws them all in technicolour before printing them on plastic, cutting them out and baking them until hard. Once bent into the desired shape, they turn into another wearableContinue reading “The Handmade’s Tale: Michelle Louise Finnerty”